I'm having problems with the Manager

I’m having problems with the Manager.

The Manager opens one account, after he opens the second account, he simply closes the bot out of nowhere.
I do not know what is happening.
It is not 1 min online that the bot closes.

This only happens with the Manager.

When I open the accounts through phbot, nothing happens, it’s normal.

Problem is in the Manager.

Check your manager settings, you might have to increase the disconnected or not in game delay.

I’ve done that, it just started happening 3 days ago, I have no idea why.
There was no update of Phbot and Manager and I didn’t change the Manager settings.

Manager opens one account, then opens the other. Until then it’s normal.
Right after the Manager closes the accounts, it just closes them.
So it’s not the settings.

Changed the time in Manager in “Client Starting”.
The time that is modified makes the Manager autoclose client / bot at the given time. Even if it increases even more, it will close in that added time.

Giving bug in this part.

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