If (luring) conditional suggestion

Would be nice if @Ryan would implement an “if luring” condition. There is already a “then start lure” but since im working on an addon that improves the lure function within the bot, i’d love to see this conditional!

what do you have in mind for lure? I am also struggling with luring for Asia. Care to share your thoughts?

I implemented the sbot lure as a plugin. Its working already, just waiting for a good conditional so i dont have to add stop luring settings mysef. Right now im still polishing some stuff but it’s ready for a test release soon. I think it’s an improvement to the phbot lure as it is right now


Thanks for sharing. Question: Is this also going to be compatible with Asia lure as well?

Sorry I’m not sure what you mean by that

Silkroad has EU and Asia characters. It looks like you are writing this plugin for EU character. That’s why I am curious if it perhaps will also work for Asia characters as well.

asia = chinese characters…?

i think the lure system in phbot can make u lure with chinese characters too…

i can lure with my bow or LION buff line from light mastery…

copyright problems?
phbot does better lure than Sbot with all its options
the only improvement its missing but meh
is the 2x section u added for “center” & “lure” locations…
instead of the script for a certain lure stand…
FYI… the center is your bot training area’s center xD

it still not fast enough as well as limited to only one skill. That will caused it delay. If we can add multiple skills for lure and no need lure script that would be perfect! Just select the central position, lure radius then the magic will happen!

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Okay, so to clear some things up:

  1. That’s not how copyright works in this case.
  2. I didn’t ask if people think which lure is better NOR did i mean to criticize phBot’s lure, I made this since it CAN be very useful for people who switch spots often and don’t wanna use random lure, especially because the lurescript option isn’t what i would call smoooth.
  3. Regarding the center, I thought about using training area center as center here but made an active decision against it. And if you mean for the actual lure function, that should be common sense.

Didn’t wanna be douchy here, but please wait for the release, and if you don’t need the Add on simply don’t use it. This wasn’t meant as a feedback thread but as a feature request for the bot.


u can set it to walk random ways on certain range…
making it trigger lure at the edge of that range…

Bro we know that already and this is no the feature in question…

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plz share this Plugin with us