I need hellp pleasw

There is PC limit by IP on the server im playing in is there a way to exceed that limit?
I have 16 ram and 2x Gforce 610 cpu cor™ i5_2500 how many chars i can login with?


If it is an IP limit you can use a proxy to login in more; however if it is a hardware ID limit then i haven’t seen an easy way around it. As for how many you can run, i use a 2 core VPS with 8GB of RAM to run over 50 characters all clientless so i would say you could run more than you need with ease.

(If i have any information wrong feel free to correct me, i’m not an expert)

how many chr can open same time with proxy clientless

iSRO? 1 at a time per gateway to be safe.

ok thnx

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