I get a lot of DC. Help me:(

There is a problem somewhere … i get a lot of DC. All characters are connected in close for that time. Only one of them was later. The time they stood in them in the game
Char 1 (protect for safespot) - (Vip silver) was get dc after 3-4 h + onother time more and was connect back instant
Char 2 (protect for safespot and res) - get dc after 1:30 h from connect, was connect back
Char 3 get dc after 30min from connect, was connect back after 7h
Char 4 get dc after 2:25h from connect, was connect back
Char 5-8 get dc after 4-5h
Char 9 (atack for plvl) how is use SBOT until now no dc
Chars3-8 ar in a sefe spot, whit radius 0 set at “don’t walk around”
This is not from server or my internet provider (The proof is Char 9)… I have a perfect ping and download speed
(ping 7-20max. Download speed 70mb/S, upload speed 50m/s)

@Ryan help me please how can i solve it?:((
I’m desperate
Server Bellona


I have almost the exact problem. for me they don’t disconnect when i stop botting does that happen for you aswell ?

@A_E All boots are start for monitoring.
When i get dc i’m afk…
@Ryan testing version V 23.5.7

I get DC mostly when I go client after couple minutes.

@mrdeepmind mine bots are clientless 99% or time. Is not from that…
When I get DC, I don’t do anything I’m AFK

You mean when you leave PC, you get DC? How many minutes later you get DC?

Go “Power Options” or “Mobility Center” and set High Performance. Disable all sleep settings. Disable USB Selective Suspend. Disable PCIe Link State Power Management.

Go PowerShell as Administrator then type;

powercfg /h off

Go Devices and right click your network device (ethernet or wireless device) then go Power Management and disable “device sleep to save power” option.

@mrdeepmind so far this has not happened … it has only been two days. It’s not from the settings of the laptop … I think it’s from the bot … sbot is don’t have any problem so hundreds is from phbot … I hope @Ryan can help me

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Yeah, phBot… It’ s so tough to handle sometimes. :v

I want to solve it. Or will be a battery option for me to go back use SBOT?..

It only occurs when you’re away from PC right?

happened when I was AFK but when I was on PC…
Is something from bot. Is exist a new version then 23.5.7?

I’m getting many many DC’s since the last maintenance. I don’t think it’s phBot related @Ryan

Sure is ph. I have sbot to. That is not get dc… how can this happen? PhBot is get much DC. But Sbot no…
And the problem is trafic from my server… is very big trafic… when you start to connecf is 900 at place…

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Would you share your Bot configuration setting?

Sure @OmaWolle tell me what page you need to see.

I said above, this is happening in the last 2 days. so far (for a month) I have not had this problem …
@Ryan can you help me?

I think it’s your internet connection or your server. Because I’m not going through that.

can’t be this :frowning:

  1. The pink is very good, the download and loading speed is very good
  2. the character that is connected to SBOT had no problems

What happens with the previous version?