I can't use Manager

Hey, whenever I try to setup manager to open my character it just starts the client but doesn’t log in .
i set the Server name same as the one i made when i opened phbot and set the path . i Just bought the bot and i have 0 experience with it . I don’t know if I’m doing smth wrong or not !
and How can i use the manager to open several accounts with only one phbot.exe ?
Please help .

btw another problem why doesn’t the bot saves the login details so when i try open the bot again i just click launch ?

I think the server name you set is wrong otherwise it would login. The Manager saves your login info, not the bot.

I wrote Eagle in phbot server name and the same in Manager and still doesn’t log in . it launches the game that’s it , after that the game crashes and it repeats the process

Anyways i’m tired of trying to work with this bot . i can’t do anything . Can i get 5 dollars refund ? i paid throuh paypal and you can take 1 dollar for using this bot for 3 days and deactivate the login data that was sent to me ?

@imagine69 u have to set the right server name as the server for example u can’t just use eagle if the login server (server name u choose in the game) is called eagle(cap90) for example they have to be the same that is the thing u set first time u open the bot

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It’s the same but still it doesn’t log in, Idk why

Use the testing release for private servers.

i’ll give it a try

also check if u set the right game version in the bot default 1.188 maybe u need another

Same thing it doesn’t Log in, the log details is when i logged in manually

And something else why when i close the game the Launch button stays grey? I can’t click it again ?

I figured it out .The manager works fine now.

would u tell us pls

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