İ cant make a Quest

i CANT Make a quest must i write a script ? or ?

Use the testing release and enable the quest. It will automatically turn it in when complete.

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Thank you,
İts passing to Quest NPC

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İts nor working still :frowning:

My charaktec return point Its “Downhang”

And Quest NPC Herbalist Yangung (Samarkant)

What can i do :frowning:

Which quest?

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Hunt 20000 Hell Watch

I thınk its specical for my server

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Not supported because there’s missing quest data in one of the files.

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can i do something ?

Unfortunately, no.

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But look :slight_smile:

are you sure ?

It doesn’t know where to turn the quest in which is why it isn’t doing that.

okey,thank you.can you fix next verse ? :smiley:

Probably not.