I cannot add Lamp quest

Hello, I cannot add to lamp quest on my script. Lamp quest couldn’t be seen when i click to “quest”

Which server?

Aeolus but my chars is 121-123 level i mean i dont try to add 131+ char

You could go to the quest tab and just enable it if you have collision detection on. It’ll do it automatically.

what is the collision detection? sss . I want to say this i cannot select beucase i cannot see lamp quest. thanks for answering btw

Which version are you using? Testing has that option.

I m using 16.2.3. I will download the test version if it is okay. Can you send me the link please ?


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when will you add to collision detection on stable version ?

Don’t know. There’s not really a reason to add it.

actually i know people who dont want to use test version. including me :smiley: because it s not stable

Use the current version then skip the rest of the updates.

lol ? if you dont try it how you can say is not stable ? i use testing vertion with around 150 char on 4 server and work perfectly …