Hwid limit bug

Phbot has a lock for 3 devices. My friend uses phbot on his laptop. I use on my PC and laptop but I have 2 internet connections. The PC connects to one and the laptop connects to the other. When I turn off the PC and want to turn on phbot on a laptop with Internet from a PC, I get an HWID error. When I turn on the PC back I also have an HWID error and it just worked. It turns out that the lock is on the ip and not on the device, because on the same I can not use the program again.

  • when I turn on the laptop with 1 connection, the program works, disconnect the internet, connect the second internet for 1 minute, back to 1 is HWID again

WTF? FIX THIS SHIT. 1 PC WITH 1 CONNECTION ? and cant use wifi on the same laptop L O L

Your HWID changed therefore it used another slot. phBot | Silkroad Online Bot

i can reset hwid limit only 1 per 12h… i know it… but read what I wrote in the subject :confused:

Not a bug.

so how can i fix it ?

Its not a shit. Every Program with HWID works like that.
Don´t know why people tun on and off Hardware Connection and wondering than when a HWID is reached…

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Gosh, can u read? I have error hwid with the same connection…