Hwid banned?

Hey ryan,

One of my friends got this message ( screenshot attached )

He did re install a windows for his pc but still appeared again.

Any solution?

What is the username?

They probably logged into a banned account.

This phbot ip can be opened by my computer just fine.

Another laptop tried it upon and worked just fine.

How could his hwid specifically be banned ?

It came up with another user.

They logged into a banned account that committed fraud.

What account ? Silkroad account? Or windows account? … what type of account ?

I don’t think it’s silkroad account as he didn’t reach the login page of phbot to enter the credentials.

Phbot opens like this.

Phbot account… if you login with a banned phbot account then you will also be banned

I assumed that at first.

But the strangest thing is the 2 users which is shown in the screenshots are not banned. I opened them on my pc and it worked fine. So it’s not the phbot user which is banned.

He also re installed windows multiple times and same problem appears.

Also it’s not silkroad account related as he didn’t even got through the phbot login page.

Can he provide us his hwid to be able to un ban it ?

That’s not strange at all, it means the banned account who committed fraud isn’t one of those two lol

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who did charge back, thats what it says

So how can his hwid be un banned ?

It’s already unbanned.

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