HTTP bug

So I’m trying to build a webapp using the manager’s http feature, the only problem is that the posting does not do anything.
If i give it a url which I know is bad, so nothing is listening there, it’s giving me a cURL error, as expected (for example, Error: Couldn’t connect to server)
But when I give it a valid URL, which is let’s say on my local network, so 192…something:8080, it just does not do anything. No error logs, no incoming data to the endpoint, nothing. Can someone help me debug this? Do I have to set what data to post, and that’s why it’s posting nothing?
If I send anything to the given URL via let’s say Postman, the endpoint gets the call, so the URL is valid and reachable.

Thanks in advance.

this f–cking windows and its f–cking curl…dont mind me guys im good, its done

ye, one more thing. If the manager shows the “rare drops” stat in the app, can i ask for it to be in the post request also? Cuz its not there. Thanks.

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