How to use python condition?

Hi @Ryan, please give me instructions on using Python in the condition list, please! I don’t understand that where I can store the Python code and how I call it in the condition window.

It uses functions from your plugins so add them to any plugin file. You just type the name of the function in the condition.

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What is the value of if(Python==value)?

Your function name, your function must return True for the condition to trigger.

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So, if I have a function A, the statement is going to be like if(Python==A){Python(A);}. Is that right?

Yes but your if python and the executed python wont be the same. Example:

def dosomething():
	if get_character_data()['name'] == 'DeRidder14':
		return True

def dosomething2():

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Thank you very much. I understood

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