How to separate walk script?

I am needing to know how to separate a walk script. As in walking to training area doing quest after quest is done return to quest NPC. So far the script I have walks to training area. Then walks right back to town. It is in a loop cycle. I am needing to be able to make the character walk to the training area do quest and then walk back. This is for hunter job quest.

Set the return walking script on the quest to be the second half…

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I am testing that out now. I reread the PhBot guide a few times.

I had everything all set but someone hijacked my training area.

Which script do I set for blacksmith? I have everything working except for NPC’s for repairs and pots. Quest NPC is working. Sorry the whole job thing if kind of new to me with the bot.

Depending where you are it should do the town script, if not you could make your return script go to town respawn. Or add the blacksmith to your training area script

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The first quest I had completed today my character went to the NPC’s. On the second quest the character did not. What I am wanting to know about placing the NPC’s into the training script. Should the NPC’s be listed first in the training script? Right now my script does not have NPC’s listed. Yesterday I had tried listing the blacksmith into the script but it said cannot find blacksmith ID.

I would recommend having your return script go back to town respawn so it can start the town script

Ok what command would that be and before or after turning in the quest?

After turning in the quest make it walk to the respawn. No command should be needed the script just ends and it’ll start the town

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I believe that I have everything pretty much set with one exception. The job vehicle Ox keeps getting stuck inside the herbalists potion stand. This is South Alexandria.

Edit the town script, make it stay further away or something. Maybe you need to add a wait.

I was thinking that. Sometimes it does not get stuck. The majority of the time it does get stuck.