How do I activate xChat plugin?

Hi everyone. I want to use xChat to periodically assign pm to JobSecure.but I didn’t edit it directly and put it directly in the plugins folder.
I couldn’t add it to the script in any way.Will I see this plugin in the script creator? Please help.
(Sorry for my english)

Those do not get added to the script creator. You have to manually add it.

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There are not many options like you. I can only send messages to all chat. What do I have to do to send a private message? I didn’t edit from Plugins. I activated the original. @Slaintrax

xChat.7z (2.9 KB)

@furkanozm hope this helps

I’m not gonna repeat the same instructions at every thread, you have to ask there, then people can target same issues easily… Lastest version at GitHub.

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