How can I summon and termination the grap pet in script

how can I summon and termination the grap pet in script please help me

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The bot will auto summon the pick pet if you have it set to enabled and you are in the training area. I don’t know why you would want it to unsummon. You could write a plugin to do that if it’s really necessary.

I want to make termination to put in guildstorge

do you now how can I do with plugins
thank you

You can call unsummon_pick_pet from any script with this plugin.

from phBot import *
import struct

def unsummon_pick_pet(args):
	pets = get_pets()
	if pets:
		for k, v in pets.items():
			if v['type'] == 'pick':
				inject_joymax(0x7116, struct.pack('I', k), False)
				return 2
	return 0

thank you very much ryan itis work

last think can you make to me anthor plugin
to summon grap pick too please
thank to you vary much
I need it to summon grap pet in spicfic time and termanite in other time
thank you dear

That’s a little more complicated because the pet in your inventory could have no time and I believe you will disconnect if you try to summon it. There are also other issues where the packet for summoning it is different between iSRO and private servers.

thank you but i need python script to summon pick pet not in certain time
as the python script you make to unsummon pet

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