High CPU Usage after update

After the update, Manager/Phbot uses more than half of the cpu and it lags the gameplay even with one client on

Windows 10

While doing what?

Botting, just usual. We used to have no problems but now can’t even play 1 client without high cpu usage therefore stuttering, delays, lags ingame. CPU Usage scrolls between 60-85 It was around 20-30 before.

Before with same accounts max i got %30-40


Any quests enabled?

Im doing scrap metal and other 120 mob quest total 2 quest. But im not start to do new this quest’s.

If it’s quest related then I have a solution, and it will be faster when checking quests compared to previous versions.

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no quests are enabled :frowning: just gold parties farming the usual

I reverted back to v23.4.8 from v23.4.9 and It is a lot better now its around 20-35% usage cpu but still feels like higher than before

I doing quest with 1 char so its not about quest. I will try old version :slight_smile:

Depends on what is enabled. It still has to query a bunch of crap so if your disk is slow that will increase the CPU usage.

Enanled for what? I have ssd (540mb/s)

This fixes Palmyra and has improvements for quests.


Possible to change bot w/o close all chars?

Rename the old EXE.

I have m.2 ssd and a newer generation cpu. nothing unusual is enabled only party, attack and pick settings for usual gold parties, 0 quests and so on. v23.4.8 is pretty good for me right now

same problem

If that didn’t fix it then there’s really nothing else that changed.

v23.4.8 more stabil. getting %72-79 arround cpu

if no relog cpu arround %59-70 with v24.4.8