Hide/Show client unavailable & PK removal question.

Hey there,
I’ve recently ran into two problems that im not sure on how to fix.
First of which, when I launch a client from a specific private server, I’m not able to click Hide/Show client, it’s just not popping up while “Go clientless” is available. It started happening after a maintenance update, and im somehow the only one using phbot who has this issue, everyone else has no problems.
It happens thru manager, also happens thru single bot launch, I’ve had it for a few days now.

Secondly is pk removal, I have to say that I pk alot, and a few years back I had an account setup in town to auto (trace) ress to remove it the fastest way possible. Now it turns out trace-ressing in town doesn’t work anymore? Any possibility this will be made possible again?

Thanks in advance,

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