Hide client problem

manager 1.9.1 and phbot 23.6.5 I am using now. when my characters enter the game after being dc . hide client no way

When you get DC, you can’t hide client sometimes. Because client hangs and it stucks. You need to just terminate it. It has to force terminated.

Also is it iSRO?

How many clients you keep open? There’s a possibility that your OS is suffering because of many unknown problems.

For a long time there was no such problem. After the last update, this was about the problem.
i am playing isro. I use 10 characters. I did not change the settings. hide client not working.

I’m not experiencing this at all.

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How can I ensure that the characters become hide clients when they enter the game using the manager?

I used the settings like this for 2 years. When dc character entered the game, it became a hide client. there is no hide client for the last 1 week.

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