Hi im have one problem Phbot update data iSRO.db3 error

1 = http://prntscr.com/qshkmf
2 = http://prntscr.com/qshlfu

I’ve been getting this error since Tuesday.

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Delete your Data folder and close all bots then try it.

I applied what you said but the same error continues.

Same for me! i got no ideea what to do!

The solution is above.

Its not working! i have deleted Data folder, and closed all bots and still get that

the phbot its on a RDP i can give you IP and pw For RDP to check it if you want!

Is your game up to date and is the path correct?

mine gets to 99 % then error. now cant open any bot cause all try to update then error.

Close everything and delete your Data folder.

I am now .

omg it finally worked thank you .

same problem did u find a solution?