Hey guys lagg problem

I have every 5 second lagg with new pc. in Silkroad ONLY.

my setup is Intel i9 9900k and rtx 2080ti oc asus graphics card.

My drivers are up to date .

Others game runs without problem. .

Anyone can help me pls ? Thank you

What kind of lag? Stuttering?

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can you try without oc on your rtx 2080 ti ? and look if u have stil lag

Ps: Go into the NVIDIA Control Panel in the 3D settings to restore and view, as well as “DSR - Factors” is on “OFF”. By deactivating. the problem and known on rtx 2080 ti

especially after an OC check your CPU that it does not lack voltage of course see if all the drivers are up to date =) you will have to try a benchmark to see the results

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frostbite / freeze every 5sec. but its fixed . after 2 week… reinstalled the OS. and its good. but my drivers up to date all of. :slight_smile:

thanks for the tip but its good now reinstalled the OS x4 :confused:

:slight_smile: have fun :slight_smile:

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