Help with inject_joymax

Hi folks…its me again, many thx for the last aswer!
I have a new problem, iam new with using python and the opcode and data. All that i want is sell one item that is in my inventory at first position.
I have the Opcode(0x7034) and the Data(08 03 09 01 00 45 0A 00 00) , how can i convert this data to send in the inject joymax ? … For example sell 10 per time when i click in the button in the plugin.

i try to do:
inject_joymax(0x7034,b’x08\x03\x09\x01\x00\x45\x0A\x00\x00,False) with any npc opened, but nothing happens … Anyone can help me with this ?