Help please here Ryan

i have very big problem i can’t login in any wepsite like epvp or some time phbot or any wepsite else always say this page isn’t available some time work all time not work

It’s probably your ISP. Get a VPN and see if that fixes it.

i try many time with proxy and vpn and even i reinstall new windows but still problem some i don’t know what happen maybe that come from router or what ?!

any already i change my dns to and but some time work other time maybe all time not work
even discord now not load

@Hulako20106 just contact your ISP customer service

but that not from my pc or router right ?!

Yea i dont think that problem because of your computer but there is too much to check. Call your ISP

i try again use vpn it’s solved but where wrong still idk what happend

Something is wrong with your ISP. Seems kinda child mode. Like parent controlled “limited” network. Games and adult contents are blocked. :slight_smile: