Help please come look

phbot cant open more in this game DuckRoad?

i cant open any char more ! please answer

@Ryan answer here please?!

@Ryan ??

I couldn’t run phbot. in this game any more what i can to do right now ?!

Be patient.

iam sry but i send msg any way i waiting you answer ty

I have no problem launching the client or logging in.

try to enter the game u cant do it

look [19:05:21] Connecting to the gateway server []
[19:05:22] Connected
[19:05:29] Server capacity [DUCKROAD] [176.2%]
[19:05:31] Login: Sending login credentials
[19:05:32] Captcha: Success
[19:05:32] Connecting to the agent server []
then stop cant enter the game
[19:05:32] Connected

You CANNOT use clientless due to the HWID limit. I’m getting a little tired of saying this now.

dude i use normal cilent not cilentless !

I logged in just fine. Use the testing release.

iam already use testing release

if u want any screen shot tell me ?

or send the verion u use ?

The latest version as always.

i try delete sro then add in bot again working fine now ty bro :slight_smile: @Ryan

@Ryan for everyone who will complaint about this issue on DuckRoad for now – Duckroad has changed their Filter system, so now we have to open bot and add duckroad as a private server again – For some reason, even when we updated the game, PhBot doesnt read the new limit system, so we need to add it as a new server once, so PhBot captures new filter files, works just fine after that

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