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I want to create a condition, but I can’t. If monster unique count <= 1, switch to the unique profile. Monster unique count> 1 suppose I’m trying to make a profile late but it doesn’t, why would you help?


Türkçe yazarsan bende yardımcı olabilirim. @balyoz77

Bir koşul oluşturmak istiyorum. Unique 1 ve daha fazla ise unique profiline geç. Unique yoksa varsayalın profile geç koşulu oluşturmak istiyorum ama yapamadım. Yardımcı olurmusun?

Hi @Ryan ,

I have titan monsters on the server I play and this mob is very important for us players. The server is spawned on average between 4 and 6 hours and special items are falling. I would like to ask you to consider my suggestions carefully.

  • Titan monsters special, Strength, Intelligence, Hit, Dodging, Trigger, Very Cold Ice Flakes, Cold Ice Flakes, Frozen Ice Flakes scrollar, Ignore monster’s defense, Socket stone of stamania, concentration, recovery, 20% balloons, using zerk tube and drink, select the Titan feature, such as select uniqueyi and select uniqueyi on my server does not work need to be fixed.

Thank you,

@NsyL bro benim de bir konuda yardıma ihtiyacım var bakar mısın ?


u can with plugin sample (eklenti ile yapabilirsin örnek olabilecek bi kod):

UniqeListe=[“Tiger Girl”,“Lord Yarkan”]
for m in mob:
if mob[m][“name”] in UniqeListe: