Help me with plugins

I’m new here, I tried download plugins and copy in the folder but bot didn’t load. I tried press load button many times!
thanks in advance!

You saved them as txt documents not py files. You need to save them as py files.

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I click on the save as link and I tried save file as py but it turn to be txt. how to save as .py file?

Right click on this part…

you should see .py as file type, if you dont then select all files and make sure there is .py at the end of the file name

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is there any things I need to install before using plugins? I do as u say but it’s still the same. I press load button but nothing happen

xControll is not allowed in VTC

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I have same problem with VTC. Can anyone help me?

Only certain plugins are allowed.

Where can I find the list of plugins for VTC.