Help in auto trade

Guys i use trade script from alex to const
It works perfectly from alex starting to buy and goes to const and sell then buy again from const and sell the n alex … And then the bot doesnt loop the script again … How can i make it starts again ?

Im not sure but did you tried to use return scroll at the end?
Then the bot can do a town loop and after this he will do your train script.
But you need to set the path from starting location to trader npc

I want to use this in Duckroad server … Mounts are with silks … So its hard to return and buy another mount with 2 silks each… Plus i see some players works perfectly for them but i cant contact them

I don´t know a other way do loop a script like this
Are you sure the also use silk pets? perhaps they do it with normal pets?

Its a long time ago that i done a trade :roll_eyes:

Yes they all use buffalos with silks … And they only use one buffalo