Help Here Condition

Hey master
I would ask for some thing

How can i use Setarea
Bcuz when i make leader char Say like
To change script didn’t work
Im new memper of phbot and i can’t find any thing for thats

I would like to make script for hunter and trade

And how can i use Chat in condition
If. ( Char name ) say in general (Setarea 2 ) then change script to (second Script ?

The SETAREA command in xControl is for changing the area based on its name. If you want to change the script you should be using SETSCRIPT.

Or make 2 different training areas and change using SETAREA

How can i make 2 area ?

Just add a new training area. Right click and press add

I know thats

What should i call themy and how to call them

I will make area and set his name 2

And other 3

Hhow to call them


Yes if you have the xcontrol plugin

I have it but when leader char Say SETAREA 2
Other char say
Faill to set area coordinate

Look i try to make hunter script

I waana find way wheen leader char say like hello
Then change script to …

I wanna make hunter script any way

Can you show me exactly what it says, take a screenshot

Maybe i don something worng im new phbot user

Are you typing SETPOS? If not then you need to update the plugin

SETAREA tdr that would work to make all phbot with the same leader in xControl plugin putted in the list would make all change it to tdr … and it’s preferable you let it go with auto generated script unless you need it to walk into a specific way to reach a specific area