Hardware ID 3x bug<!

Helo, I use phbot with 2 accounts on 5 laptops. And since a while i am getting a hardware id 3 limit exceeded message every couple of days on my accounts. Its impossible I exceed the limit. This happens every time i have to restart the computer, the message starts popping up. I try to use a hwid reset, but today i have the situation that i have to wait 12 hours!! to do it and machienes are now just not running becouze of it. Why is this happening?

This is happening nonstop on bot id phbot_0417999323 which is ran on 3 laptops only. Each time this happens i have to shut everything down becouze of guild storage clog of not enuff chars logd in to sort all. So im loosing days becouze of this and time.

Something about your hardware is changing like network devices.