Halloween Event

Hey all, just a few questions regarding the Halloween Event which started today.
I moved my party to bandits, got 7 Chars lv 125+ and one char lv 10.
The Ghost Sungsungs barely drop Halloween Candys. Sometimes my party kill 3-4 Ghost mobs without a single candy drop.
Is it normal? Is there anything wrong with my party setup which causes no drops?

Or does anyone has a suggestion about another farming spot? Bandits are pretty crowded, so maybe ones are an alternative?

Shard Fatigue system dont working well, check you chars EXP rate, if it 50% than have only 50% chance to dropp candy, if EXP rate 0%, than 0% dropp rate.

Aight ty for the fast reply. So when my Shard fatigue works fine, every mob should drop a item, right?

I think no, dropp rate not 100%

no drop rate is low on this event

to be honest, I got the feeling it’s simply bugged like the shard fatigue bar. Sometimes I kill 10 ghost sungsungs without a single drop. Sometimes they drop items for 2 party members, sometimes for 3. Sometimes my Warrior gets a candy 4 times in a row and my nuker doesn’t get a single one. Currently nothing makes sense.