Get_character_data() returning empty 'guild' string when logged in

I was checking some old plugins I made over a year ago, and was trying to update them, but I’m having some problems retrieving the guild name after the teleported() event right after joining the game. It returns the name, level, etc, but not the ‘guild’ value.

It works after a return scroll / teleport, but the whole purpose of it using the teleported() event is to keep track of which items were in the bot’s inventory when it just logged in.

Version: Testing 23.3.0

@Ryan any idea on how to do this? It used to work. I haven’t played in a year so I can’t really tell when it stopped working…

That should be returning the guild name. If not then the bot doesn’t see it for your character.

Weird that it does return the character name and every other parameter, like level, gold etc. But not the guild.

Any workaround to this? I need to check if the character is on a specific guild when it logs in.

It should be there. When are you checking that info? There is a separate guild info packet that is sent after a teleport.

Right on the teleported() automatically called after joined_game()

You can’t do it there since the bot hasn’t received the guild info.

When should I check it? Or what’s the opcode for guild info so I can listen to that?

After 0x34B4.

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