Full c7

After merge I cant open my pt with bot
Only vip char open and other chars cant open
And I’m using proxy 1 year no problem with it
And change all Password chars twice and change ip router and ip LAPTOP and rest router 1 day
And still same problem

Without bot no c7 no problem
C7 with bot only

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Have you tried a different gateway?

same thing on me i am changing ip’s always they all getting c7 even my real ip getting :smiley: if they dont get c7 they are keep relogging middle of the traffic

Sure its random on bot

I have the same problem, I can no longer enter my full party, the C7 even disconnects me from the game and I can no longer return.

I have the same Problem with different gateways, different Proxy and on some Proxy the game means the login queue is reached but they are private proxy

I had the same problem. Only had one char connected when I checked after work. Rebooted the PC, tried to just launch the SRO launcher by itself, this failed.
“Connection to the server has ended. Please try again later.”
“Connection to the server has ended. Launcher will be restarted”
Infinite loop.

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That means your ip blocked, the servers are going to be shit for awhile

Guys the problem is proxies ips
When I try other char with normal ip of LAPTOP it’s work
So we can open only 2 by 2 char only at this time
I dont know this problem from bot or from isro
Because proxies is private with $ not free

Proxies work fine for me, it’s the full server. If you login when the queue is full (1000+) you’ll get c7

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I can only enter one character at a time, with the second it tells me to exceed the limit, and I have 2 accounts blocked with a C7 error that I can’t even try to open.

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Is this why my 2nd char’s bot window “Data load status 100%” then closes and tries again?

No, you probably need to increase your manager disconnected delay

increased from 120000 to 150000

Same problem. Even after rebooting

Fixed it I think. Now the queue limit is reachd.

same Prob

I realized that after C7 appears, no character can be reconnected even when the server is less than 1000 it is impossible to reconnect, how can I do in that case? HELP

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I have the same problem please help

From what I’ve seen you need to change your IP address to remove C7 once your account has it