Forum migration

my account couldnt pass to the new forum i guess i tried to login it doesnt let me
the pw sent to my email doesnt work please help
account id is vedat53

Accounts were not migrated.

but i cant login to my account its saying there is no account releated to my email or saying my pw is wrong

If you did not have bot time it would not bring your account over for it.

i have bot time but i cant login to forum
its saying pw or id is wrong im sending i forgot my pw its sending a pw but still not letting me login

Forum no longer has anything to do with the bot account. They are separate. You can reset the password here if you need to: phBot | Silkroad Online Bot

i did reset but still not accepting the pw

What is not accepting the password?

the forum im putting my id not accepting its not accepting email either and im using the pw that is sent nothing is working

I just said the forum has nothing to do with the bot account now. The accounts are separate. When you reset the password on that is for the bot.

ohhh i see lol i got confused a bit but thank you for the help

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No problem.

i saw that if i wont change pw bot wont show the time that is left if i wont change the pw on my bot and continue using my old pw and renew my subscription am i i gonna be logged out when the bot time is out in old pw?
the time in the old pw?
the question is a bit complicated but im confused aswell .d

If you use the new password that you got from you donÔÇÖt have to do anything.

T├╝rk├že yazarsan yard─▒mc─▒ olabilirim daha detayl─▒ @vedat54

yav ┼čifreyi de─či┼čtirme niyetinde de─čilim ├ž├╝nk├╝ birs├╝r├╝ hesap var oyunda hepsi dc olcak diye korkuyorum s─▒k─▒nt─▒m o

┼×├Âyle yeni forumdaki ph kullan─▒yorsunuz eski mi?

en:im afraid of changing the pw bc i have so many accounts logged in im afraid of them getting dc thats why im wondering if i wont change the pw would it still be fine?

┼čuanda eski forum id pw kullan─▒yorum bot i├žin bunu de─či┼čmezsem s─▒k─▒nt─▒ olurmu bot i├žin? eski bot s├╝resini g├Âr├╝cekmi┼č ├ž├╝nk├╝ o s├╝re bitince hesaplar─▒m dc yermi?

o s├╝re bitince hesab─▒n─▒z dc yiyor otomatikmen ve malesef yeni foruma ge├žti─čimiz i├žin mail ├╝zerinden art─▒k kendiniz olu┼čturdu─čunuz bir kullan─▒c─▒ ad─▒ ve ya ┼čifreyi girmiyorsunuz. Mailinizi yaz─▒yorsunuz size otomatik kullan─▒c─▒ ad─▒ ve pw geliyor tabiki bundan sonra mail uzatman─▒z yeterli olcakt─▒r tek bir seferlik bu b├Âyle s├╝reniz bitmeden maili uzat─▒rsan─▒z tekrardan kullan─▒c─▒ ad─▒ pw yollamaz ├╝zerine yazar anlatabildim mi acaba ?