Fatigue hyperion

the fastiga system is still working? What benefits do I have with it?

Fatigue system is big failure. Its only present on JC Planet servers. (Old sro-r merged server Palmyra also got fatigue, but i don’t know if its 8h or 12h like in past)
I don’t see any big advantage on fatigue system, unless it doesn’t allow non-vip accounts to stay connected 24hours. At least for this reason, the JC Planet servers don’t have very long or full queues like old isro servers (hyperion and theia) does.
The fatigue system don’t even works. Its goal is allow ppl to play just 8h/day, but if you relog before 5hours after bar started inside of town you will get the blue 100% bar back (if you didn’t disconnected before in any other part of map). This way you can stay plving your char 24/7 getting exp. Yeah, this system used to work without many issues back on silkroad-r days, but its a lame.

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