Fail to return after being dead for a setup amount of time

should return after 19min from death
as i set up here:

it was still dead
even after hours pass
& bot was still running…

server isroR palmyra…
boting in job form(thief/hunter)

Thick Dead. It reads like “Dead and Not resurrected…” probably.

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u mean i should mark the “Dead” above it too?

but as it is now …
some times it returns
some times naah

guess that “Dead” option is for insta return…

ryan already told u to thick dead in other post …

that is not @Ryan
and whats “thick dead in other spot”?

Check the box for “Dead”.

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wouldn’t that “INSTA” return it … when it die?
cuz that is something i dont want
incase of a PK around
or alot of pt monsters spawned
(in hopes of a player nearby would kill/lure them…)

this option i set … it works … but sometimes* … meaning bug?


yo the bot needs to be rechecked with its coding

the return after certain time pass some times work & sometimes not

switch to client by “reconnect” & watched the bot as it start doing its chinese buff on it self…
a buff such as “final guard of ice” was added as 4th buff to cast
but it kept on closing it the moment it triggered it
& go to the next buff & do that normal
then back to “final guard of ice”
then next buff
& so on
till it opens all buffs
then do the “final guard of ice” correctly
(close a fresh opened buff … as in spamming the buff skill clicking)

also randomly stop attacking or moving or selecting
even though the bot still running
& no msg on the bar below saying “stuck…” or anything…