Executing script in reverse?

What is the reason for phbot decide execute script in reverse?

I need my char repair and buy pots, but after a return scroll is used, Phbot, by itself, just decide execute script in reverse and doesnt repair. It throw the log bellow and I don’t know what is causing that.

It is setted to skip town scripts and walk delay 2000ms.


[03:28:15] Consignment: Expired [Magic stone of fogs(Lvl.9)] → [1.999.999]
[03:28:21] Script: Setting training area -5440, -796
[03:28:21] Cannot return to town because you are in a town – yo dawg
[03:28:31] Reverse Script: Executing script in reverse
[03:28:31] Script Path: Walking to [-5440, -796]

How can I make phbot show verbose or debug log?

Thanks a lot.

There’s no debug log, all the info you need is in the normal log. The bot will normally execute the script in reverse if you don’t have a return scroll, in this case the important part is the “can’t return to town because you are in town”. This means you’ve set to return for something but did not set to buy it. So for example if you set to return for HP potions but didn’t set to buy any, you’ll get this message.

Basically you need to fix your settings.

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