Excuse me, dear Ryan Why is this so


Hard work, what does this mean?

You can only use it on 3 computers.


It seems to be misused. Can you help me deal with it?

Reset it with that link I posted above.

But I did n’t buy it here. I bought it with someone who sells robots.
So i don’t know what the mail box is

Then contact the person who sold the access

She disappeared after selling it to me
Can you guys help me?
Help me check the email address of this ID

Why wouldn’t they buy time on your email instead?

What do you mean she disappeared? what kind of bussines model is this? why dont you buy it from phbot website :o:

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@Ryan @forjustice @Verya
Things are like this
Because at first I could n’t find how to buy robots
So my friend introduced a mainland Chinese
He sold me this robot for up to NT $ 3300
Very very expensive
I don’t even know here
It was n’t until I found this that I only needed NT $ 700 for half a year
I regret it
But there is no way to pay him the amount
Then my communication software contacted him and he disappeared
I have a headache and annoyance now
I hope the administrator can help me solve this problem
Change the password
I am completely unavailable now

@Ryan Can you help me?

PM me the username and what you want the new email to be.

Did you mean to put the email I need to change here?