Event_loop() delat shortening

can i shorten its time ? default 500ms can i make it like 200ms ?

Don’t think so.

You can make your own timer in Python.

Done it like
But not working sometimes.

İts feels like its working but waiting to show result arter 200ms .

from phBot import *
import phBotChat
import QtBind
from threading import Timer

kontrol = False

gui = QtBind.init(__name__, 'Click TEST')
button1 = QtBind.createButton(gui, 'deneme', 'Button', 10, 125)
def deneme():
	global kontrol
	kontrol = True
button2 = QtBind.createButton(gui, 'deneme2', 'Button', 100, 125)
def deneme2():
	global kontrol
	kontrol = False
def zamanli():
	global kontrol
	if kontrol == True:
	else :
		phBotChat.Party('Özgün mal')

Dont mind code i am just showing an example

You probably don’t want to spam chat that fast lol

İ wish to spam for 2 seç