Error when using reverse return scroll in script

I made a script to use a reverse of the city to the desert near the basement, in the correct way, going in reverse, and putting where I wanted to go, but when it comes time to use, the bot gets started but does nothing.

What can it be?

It is the version for private servers

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Can you post the script?

ASDASDQ.txt (87 Bytes)

What’s the error shown in the bot? That looks like a custom area so it may not work.

[23:39:18] Script: Setting training area -11408, -909

[23:39:18] Script: Walking to 6439, 1091

[23:39:29] Script: Walking to -11408, -909

I also tried the salt desert, which is the game itself.

Do you have reverse returns available?

I see the problem. It will work next version.

ty, bro

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