Error when loging

[01:26:14] Data load status: 100%
[01:26:18] Connecting to the gateway server []
[01:26:29] Hostname lookup error
[01:26:48] Connecting to the gateway server []
[01:26:50] Connected
[01:26:51] Server capacity [XEON Online] [61.8%]
[01:26:53] Login: Sending login credentials
[01:26:53] Captcha: Success
[01:26:54] Connecting to the agent server []
[01:26:55] Connected

then the bot wait few minute and terminate it self then relog and doing the same exact thing

server XEON

@Ryan any solution ?

Use the client to login.

i did and the same problem ryan

Using the Manager? Increase your delays. I just tested it and I can login fine.

its sometime works fine when its 1-2 account the problem when i log with multi account ?

u mean the delay of clientless or what ?


Change not in game to 15.

will test it thanks ryan

i have the same problem and it didn’t get corrected by changing the delay to 15 … and its Client

SROR has gateway problems that they need to fix. You can try this which is a temporary fix.