Error passcode

good morning I have problem when trying to enter with clientlless the bot throws me an encryption error when placing the passcode !!! some solution ??

Something is wrong with your connection. The request to retrieve the encrypted passcode is failing because of that.

but when I enter with a client in sight everything is fine is only when I’m going to use the clientless that gives me that error !!any solution??

When you use the client the client is generating the encrypted passcode. When you use clientless the bot has to retrieve it from a server. Your firewall or ISP is blocking the connection.

What could I do to fix it? I already turn off the firewall and the problem continues ??

I don’t really have a solution. Try a VPN.

Hello, I put a vpn and disable the firewall and I still have the error phbot failed to retrieve encrypted passcode can you help me?