Error Manager server in not list

put the bot in Spanish to see if it translated the error and understood better but no, does anyone know what is done in this case? reinstalled and remains the same.

Go into the “edit private server” dialog and add a server.

Already did. Is it getting out of hand?

without the manager I managed to enter without problems, the problem appeared from nowhere in one of my computers I have 2 working, 1 is perfectly and the other has been put that way.

This is empty. You need to add a server.


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OK, I had a blank space in that area, but why would I give that error in 1 computer and not the other? If I had not mocked anything?

Different bot versions? I recently added that dialog because people always asked why it wouldn’t login to the server. If you don’t add one it doesn’t know which one to select.

Oh ok, if I’m checking that they have different versions, thanks for always being so attentive, I update and add the server too.