Energy of Life is not filled

We have a problem with the use of the Energy of Life (berserk tube).

My characters just attacking against Titan.

When the characters do not have berserk, the Energy of Life is used but not filled. When the titan comes within range, the character fills the berserk and then uses it. Berzerk does not fill the tube early, causing a delay in the attack. Because my first attacking ability takes place without a berserk.

My request from you; The “Energy of Life” should be filled immediately as soon as it is used.

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We need that :smiley:

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anything @Ryan?

It keeps Energy of Life active to regen berserk faster but will use the berserk regen option if you are attacking a monster that requires berserk.

but when it’s happening you do one attack without berserk and you got ks. It has to be use when berserk is empty not needed…

you can make an option like use energy of life when your berserk is empty.

that way you don’t waste your energy of life. @Ryan

Thanks for listening us.


What good does that do?

That’s the way it works.

You can fix that easy way? Why you dont want to do that? So make a plugin let us use that then?

I looked and it will use Energy of Life / berserk regeneration potions then immediately use berserk if necessary.

Try this. I’m not sure if there will be a difference since it needs to be attacking something in order to use berserk.!atZVlK6R!o-9uWqwvP7ZRgqtQGePWDnIy89uqMJ-H7aujhu3AEz8

Thank you so much.

I’ll test and report back to you.

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Imgur: The magic of the Internet still same sir!

Just an idea: Maybe you can do like if you have berserk tube in your buffs, use it.
btw char is attacking everything but not berserk everything.

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