ein log Probleme

Jedes Mal, wenn ich versuche, phbot zu STARTEN, sagt er no bot time obwohl ich
1x 2wo und dann 1x 4wo geladen. Ich habe Windows 10 auf meinem Computer.

hi im german to but pls write you post in english you have to activate your bottime there should be a email with a activation link in it you only have to do it 1 time and pls check your spamfolder

still not,

its gets send to the email that is saved to your paypal account not the one you registered with

still not online. also with S-BOT online have no problems with the server.
and if I want to log in with the Phbot
" the message I have no bot time "

And still the same answer like before you have to activate the bottime if you don’t do it you can’t use the bot

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