DW Cave

hello Ryan, my chars doesnt despawn the horse before they get into the Cave… to avoid that i let them not to use the horse and go walking from town but is there some way they despawn the horse just to get to the spot faster? thanks <3

Add killhorse to your script before entering the cave.

is it available to be added in the script as a text?

Yes, the command is killhorse.


ok, will do it… wanna ask if there is someway to avoid getting my ip banned when more than 2 chars getting in? i have gap 15 mins difference between dcing and reloging back but sometimes some char get dc in between while server is traffic and then i get banned and never get back itself so if there is a way please tell me

Enable the queue so they don’t all relog at the same time. You could also pay for multiple SOCKS proxies.

so queue solves this problem? and what’s multiple socks proxies and for how much can i pay for it?

You’d have to Google it and find a provider. You need one that will give you different IPs and it would be a few dollars per IP. It will add up depending on how many accounts you have.

okay, i’ve added Queue… wish it helps

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Queue work on 8 char?

Yes, rekeahem… works gud so far, havent got banned yet and when something happen it shows up in the status that there is another PhBot is trying to login and he will try in 60 seconds and thats so satisfying for me.

Thanks Ryan <3

btw ryan, do you have any clue why there is a big delay for the cleric to give buffs? every like 1 minute it give all buffs and then it stays doing nothing (no healing no healing cycle no res nothing at all) its really annoying because sometimes the party dying and it needs it res but he dies also after time because it does nothing… do i make anything wrong lets it does nothing like that?