Drop items

my bot still not drop items in town
anyone can help?

did you try this in your inventory ?
choose ur item ** and right click

yes sure but it only work after press stop and start bot

is for event u can try to mak one script lik
walk xy
quest,Event So-Ok,
quest,Event So-Ok,
quest,Event So-Ok,
walk xy
walk xy
walk xy
quest,Event So-Ok

try to record with ur xy
if you use testing release look at training area /settings and check the box skip town script entirely
il we run indefinitly
blacksmith is for sell if you setting on your pick filter too sell some reward
stor is for stor what you setting on your pick filter
and drop wil be apear befor selling or asking npc in same time when illsort on your inventory

thx sir for try help
but for me your script also not drop the items after event npc
i now think its a phbot bug in older versions dropping was working fine

it runing with 21.6.6 for me and he droping item when he sort item envetory after each colect from so ok

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it not work in 21.6.7