Do u think is Smart idea delete my Topic about 24h Block

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so @Ryan why u delete my Topic !

It’s being worked on.

okay let us know when u finsh
Thanks again

It’s in discord if you want to test it.

u mean test new version of Phbot or manger ?


Comming update to save us 24h block? :slight_smile:

okay i will try

i got this error

i try to uplod manger mdmp but gave me error

  • Added login delay for Legion
    how i can control time delay without use manger

There’s no way to change the built-in delay for the bot. I posted a Manager update in discord which should fix the crash.

check my setting did i do any thing wrong ?
and no way to control delay from bot but i can do it from manger Right ?

I think we’re talking about two different things. The Legion login delay is for a private server that needs some extra time to send the HWID data before logging in.

The login queue retry in the Manager is for iSRO or TRSRO and won’t restart the bot if the standby queue is full based on the delay you set (1440 minutes in your case).

i Modification 1440 mint to 3 mint
sorry i think i messed up What do you think I should do

Try 30.

still get Block somehow
it will be nice if i can control time dealy and automatic stop login when get Block from phbot
Because manger keep close and reopen bot etc etc etc this over load my pc
Plz try

You will need to use a high delay then.

bro ı think more good old system when server say full after try login 30 second now bot open after if sw full close not good

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