Dismount after teleport

After i teleport via Script as trader the phBot automatically dismounts from the pet and uses bard buffes. I didnt enable any Bard buffs in the attack/buff list,at Players nor in conditions. The trader just dismounts after teleport, even if i didnt enabled it in the script.
Is this a bot problem, because the server i play on doesnt have any security, that dismounts player after teleport from transport pet or something else. Thx in advance

It’s dismounting you because the server is supposed to do that and when it doesn’t it’s a bug.

Edit: Had to lookup what that bug actually is. The server is dismounting you from the transport, not the bot. The bot should be remounting the transport automatically after a teleport. If you see it buffing that means it wasn’t able to remount.

Well. Why the trader doesnt dismount if im using the normal client (no phBot). Sbot didnt dismount either. So it has to be an issue of the phBot.

That’s just wrong. The game server will do that.

Mhhhh… i really try to figure out what the problem is, but i dont get it. Even without any script just teleporting by myself via the bot it dismounts automatically. I further asked some friends to test it and they came up with the same result. I tested it even with the deliruz vsro AlchemyTool and that isn´t dismounting me.Do you have any suggestions @Ryan ?

is dismounting problem still unsolved? i have this problem

No. This is a Joymax bug.