Dismantle Feature Options (TRSRO)

Is it possible for phbot to add “ON/OFF” option for dismantle? And list it in the conditions? If you can, we would make condition for certain times for dismantling on and off, thus the possibility of dismantling valuable drops (like 90 garm chest, 89 necklace etc… - TRSRO- ) from the BOI will be gone. As we return to our regular profile in the end, dismantling those items would make most people sick. Just a suggestion for you to consider.

You can try to use xScriptHelper which adds dismantle script command, then use it on your town script after storing items.

The bot also has that script command. They might conflict :grimacing:

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I suggested this after started to use Battle Of Infinity plugin and to be honest my aim is to have the on/off option without installing any other plugin. And also i do not want to change my town script, as i said i dunno how hard that is but it would really really be lovely to have that in bot :sweat_smile:

Anything for here dear mods???