Discord “La Cocaina” is scammer

Hi everyone,
First of all, I dont need or expect anything. All I want is protect our community.
I am not sure if it should be in “Market”. I apologies if its in wrong section.
This is the end of our conversation with La Cocaina. There are some more in the past, I am happy to provide all if necessary.


Sorry, I forgot to mention that he has found me via phbot discord channel. He must changed his nick and hiding in somewhere :slight_smile:

Embarrassed Shame GIF


see which country he’s from
& report him to his local police for suspicion of drug dealing &or promoting…

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lol I wouldn’t recommend that


i did it multiple times
no “wasting the GOV time”
& not on drugs only
just dont fck with others if you have dirt on ya…

(BTW each police have there own email … so find his & do ur magic… no lies though)

I banned him.


You are gonna make me cry one day @Ryan. Thanks for being such a nice person. Thank you for all your effort to keep this community clean and safe. Im amazed.
If you ever travel to Australia, Im more than happy to host and show you around.
Here is what I just received.


be aware guys this kid still trying to scam peoples

his topic : WTS GOLD,120-131 chars in hephaestos,bellona,feronia

his old replies at epvp

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He has no respect at all mate. He is just after 10-20 bucks, what an idiot person.
Thanks for informing us bro.