Disconnect Problem when proxy chars logged in

I am using proxies to log in to my bot characters except 2 main characters.
I am using my own IP adress to log in my own characters.
There is no problem when all characters trying to log in game but when anyone of proxy chars logged in to game, my own IP (without proxy) characters disconnected from game.
What is the problem ?
Btw I used v25.3.8 for a long time this problem appears when i updated bot v25.4.5

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do u always use the same proxys ? u pay for them ?
if u use free proxys, u have to check the anon-level. most free proxys are transparent, so they show ur real ip. there r proxys from level 1 to level 5. i only use level 1 proxys (called elite). they r 100% anon. level 2 would be ok too, but never use higher level.
u should also check, if they r real proxys or just proxy-gateways. also check if they r .gov or .edu or something like that.
if u use free proxys and get dc, maybe someone else uses them too …

I’m not sure if I having the same issue with v25.4.3 but whenever I check my chars the 2 char which is using my own IP always try to login while the other chars using proxy most of the time logged in but I didn’t had time for further analysis maybe its the same issue as you have.
I also didn’t had this issue with v25.3.8.
I’m using paid proxy for a while without any issue.

No. I am not using free proxies. I pay every month.
How can i check as you mentioned real proxys or proxy-gateways and .gov .edu ?

Same issue here.