disconnect immediately after logg in

Hello guys,i started silkroad again since yersterday,i bought the PHBOT ,but after a few hours of playing i started getting disconnect…right know i get like a few secs after i loggin ,any ideas why?Thank you

i have same problem

On which server and which version?

manager version 1.9.1 phbot v23.6.3

sorry server ceres isro

[13:08:28] Script: Walking to 13417, 429

[13:08:31] Script: Walking to 13410, 452

[13:08:33] Script: Walking to 13405, 469

[13:08:34] Script: Walking to 13408, 484

[13:08:36] Script: Walking to 13407, 505

[13:08:38] Script: Walking to 13405, 532

[13:08:58] Script: Lag detected, waiting
ploff and DC

That doesn’t seem like an issue with the bot since it’s during a script. Can you post the entire script?

I captured that but the character may be lvl and suddenly he was dc

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